February 17, 2018

Let the Blogging Begin!

Hi! I’m Natalie, my family and friends call me Duchess except my mom. I’ve always had a nickname ever since I can remember. My dad would call me monkey. I think this came about when I fell from the monkey bars the first day of first grade and broke my arm. In high school I was called Nat-burger and when I was in college I had the nick name of Bo. This was shortened from Bow-head which is what Kamran ( my better half) called all the sorority girls that worked for him at Jennings Mill Country Club. I still have friends that call me BoBo or their children  call me Aunt Bobo. Kam has given me several nicknames over the years. Following Bo was Fancy Loaf, which was the name of our favorite bakery we found on the island of St. Kitts during our honeymoon. ( and if you every want to stay in an amazing place, check out Ottly’s Plantation) Fancy Loaf, that stuck for while until we started having children….

I believe it was when our third child was born that I got the nickname Duchess. She was a little girl. She was preceded by two kahki-wearing, puddle-jumping, mud-throwing little boys. This little girl would change everything. I would have a partner in crime, someone to do arts and crafts with and read princess stories with. Glitter and Cinderella hooray! She was our little princess, and like so many other little newborn girls everyone doted on her. Somewhere the along the way Kamran decided this princess needed a mum to befit a princess and a Duchess was discovered.   It may be because I’m a little sassy or bossy and stubborn sometimes, and really what mom isn’t. Kamran says it’s really because I took an inordinate amount of shoes on our honeymoon. We girls know I took what was necessary and that is that. I am sure he’ll be happy to tell you his side of the story sometime.

I always wanted to write, travel and photograph. It really didn’t matter where…My ULTIMATE DREAM JOB was to work for LIFE Magazine, Southern Living, or National Geographic. I had subscriptions to each of these  when I was young…really young! Like 10 years old and I would read them all cover to cover. I would imagine being the author or photographer and setting up the shot or interviewing the most interesting people or traveling the back roads, the road less traveled, highlighting all the wonderful adventures I discovered….and I wanted to be the one to tell everyone.

Recently, I was retelling this childhood dream and laughed saying maybe I would do this when I retired….many, many, many years from now. Someone in that group said “Why wait?” Really??? REALLY? My head about exploded… WHY WAIT?? Cause I have three children with homework and sports and music, a husband,  a job,  a yard, a garden,  a Sunday school lesson to help with, a committee to serve on and on and on and on. That’s why wait…. But what if I don’t get that time, what if that day doesn’t come or when it does, I am too old, too tired, too sick, or too forgetful..And the dream is forgotten.

So this may not be National Geo or Life Magazine but it will be life as we know it! It won’t be Southern Living, but I’ll photograph treasured Southern recipes and our silly Southern life in small town suburbia. Don’t be jealous Nat Geo as I share snippets of the small, Tasmanian, white, Pygmy puppy we so lovingly call Lilly Lovegood.


So starting now…

Cause life’s too short….

Why Wait!!!

Love, The Carolina Duchess

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