February 17, 2018

S’more Pie by Sugarmouse

We are not pie people, in fact 95% of the time we’re not even dessert people. But for some reason my sweet girl decided she was going to invent S’more pie. We’ve never had S’more pie. I don’t think she’s ever had it anywhere else. So  in her head she has invented it, and I’m good with that. You see I know there are a lot of recipes out there for S’more pie, but she doesn’t. I think it is great that she believes she has created the one and only, cause as she grows up, believing in herself will be one of the most important things she can do! S'more Pie 1 _1 She came to me with this drawing one day after school and said she had dreamed about this  pie, created the recipe for me and drew me a picture so I would get it right! I love that she says I can get all the ingredients at Publix! She is making it easy for me and knows I am a sucker for any art work she wants to share with me!

Four easy ingredients 1 Graham Cracker Crust 1 jar of marshmallow fluff 1 bag of mini Hershey's Chocolate bars 1 bag of mini marshmallows

Four easy ingredients
1 Graham Cracker Crust
1 jar of marshmallow fluff
1 bag of mini Hershey’s Chocolate bars
1 bag of mini marshmallows

There are only 4 ingredients to this masterpiece – One graham cracker pie crust. One jar of marshmallow fluff, one bag of mini marshmallows and of course the chocolate. Any chocolate will do but for the sake of this recipe we chose mini Hershey’s chocolate bars, cause what little girl doesn’t like something chocolate and little ! A small spatula and a microplane would come in handy but not necessary. S'more pie 2 After several experiments with S’more Pie and failed attempts to spread fluff on a graham cracker pie crust, we found that the best way to spread this amazingly sticky stuff is to heat it in the container in a microwave for about 20 – 40 seconds depending on how hot yours is. Also be sure to take the lid off, don’t ask how I know, I just do… The fluffy stuff melted just enough so that Sugarmouse could spread it on the pie crust without tearing it up. (Be careful though if you heat it too long this will turn to molten lava and can burn little and big fingers, don’t ask how I know, I just do) If you are without a spatula you just break open a chocolate bar and use them spread the gooey, fluffy stuff around. S'more Pie 4 Now the fun part. You get to have dessert before the actual dessert! I bet you can’t open 10 mini Hershey’s chocolate bars without eating at least one! Go ahead, we won’t tell if you do! So open enough mini Hershey bars to cover the Marshmallow fluff you have so painstakingly  spread. You can see where our crust started pulling away as we were  spreading! I think we put 10 little bars in the pie and 2 in our mouths, or was it the other way around…. Feel free….you can put as many in it as you like. S'more Pie 5 After the chocolate layer, sprinkle a whole layer of mini marshmallow over the top of the pie. Cover it completely, you don’t want to see any of the chocolate. S'more Pie 6.5 So this is where we learned about the goodness of chocolate sprinkles….. and how delicate they are. I would suggest to cook the pie first ( you’re actually not really cooking anything, just heating it up so that everything melts nicely) at 350 for about 18 minutes. Then broil for 1 – 2 minutes watching closely. This is the toasting part so whatever you do not leave it alone. Marshmallow can catch on fire rather quickly and you don’t want that in your oven. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do…   After it comes out of the oven let it sit to cool off some but not too much. Take your handy dandy microplane and a Hershey bar and grate little chocolate sprinkles over the toasted marshmallow crust that has now formed. If you do it before you heat it, the chocolate burns and it looks like little spiders on your pie. See…. S'more Pie 7


So my Public Service Announcment for the night is this: Heat your fluff so that you don’t tare up your pie crust and don’t add your sprinkles until after the pie come out of the oven. We have also tried many variations including Reece Pieces instead of chocolate bars and M&Ms which my Sugarmouse calls Rainbow Pie. We also tried mini Heath bars and this was a disaster. Thought we were going to have call the dentist or eat through a straw for a while ’cause the stuff was so stuck to our teeth! May be the Heath Bar Pieces would work better than the chunky bars. So pull this recipe out when you don’t have time for real campfire experience but want to create some tasty memories!

Love, The Carolina Duchess

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